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At Cameo Blinds we understand that keeping your home clean and tidy daily can be a tedious job – it seems never-ending. Right now, adding ‘clean the blinds’ to your list is not something you want to face, like hoovering all the cobwebs around them and the lampshades too! Even with fabric blinds and curtains there is no getting away from it, they need to be cleaned.

Letting the dust settle…but not too much

Usually the saying “let the dust settle” is a good thing. But allowing too much dust to settle on your blinds and other surfaces could lead to allergies and could cause dust mites. So here are a few top tips to keep that dust  at bay.

 Quick and easy tips for cleaner Blinds…

Our 5 ways to clean your blinds without the DIY rigmarole of detaching them:

Anti-Static Wipes – From the renowned domestic cleaning goddess, Mrs Hinch herself, this is one of our favourite tips to use for your blinds with everyday household items. Using tumble dryer scented sheets are a great way to grab the dust, and as they are anti-static, they will be able to grab the dust a lot easier. Giving your vertical blinds the quick once overusing these is a great way to keep them cleaner for longer.

  1. Hair Dryer – Using your hair dryer on the cool setting, you can blow the dust particles away on not only your blinds but also your lampshades so you can tick more than one “to-do” off your list.
  2. Microfibre Cloth – A more well-known household item to use on your blinds is the microfibre cloth. But another item you may not have thought of is an old sock. Using either of these can be a quick and easy way to remove dust from your blinds. Just remember to rinse the cloth once you are done.
  3. Damp Cloth – Using a wet cloth to grab the dust is a quick way to clean your blinds, just keep wringing out the cloth so that the dust does not congregate.
  4. Vacuum Cleaner Brush Head Attachment – Another way to tick things off your daily cleaning schedule more quickly is using the brush head on your vacuum, for not only your floors, but for your blinds and your lamp shades too. You can quickly hoover the blind to grab all of the dust with the brush head tool.

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