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The Top Window Covering Trend of 2021

With the latest colour of the year being announced in our most recent blog, we are delighted to share with you one of the top trends for 2021. Pairing Blinds and Drapes together for a warmer and more stunning style.  Can Roller Blinds and Drapery Panels be used...

Choosing Blinds For Long Windows

Choosing the best Blinds for large windows – Style and Security Having large windows brings many advantages, including lots of natural light. But we know that choosing the right blinds to fit your large windows can be tricky, measuring your window frame and then...

5 Ways To Clean Your Blinds

At Cameo Blinds we understand that keeping your home clean and tidy daily can be a tedious job – it seems never-ending. Right now, adding ‘clean the blinds’ to your list is not something you want to face, like hoovering all the cobwebs around them...
CoronaSafe with Cameo Blinds

CoronaSafe with Cameo Blinds

For Roller, Vertical and Panel Blinds to keep your home safe The CoronaSafe domestic blinds treatment, described below, is an option we can arrange during the making of your blinds. Please make a point of asking about it. The Coronavirus has hit so many of our homes...
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