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Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds use opaque fabrics housed in a cassete, making it difficult for light to get through. All of the opaque fabrics we use will then run within side channels. The side channels are extremely useful because they completely block light coming through the sides.

Our blackout blinds are perfect for bedrooms, so the sunlight doesn’t disturb your sleep. Or, if you’ve got a street light placed right outside your window. They are also ideal for bathrooms, offering you complete privacy. With a huge variety of different fabrics to choose from, our blackout blinds are perfect for everyone.

Listed below are the benefits of our Blackout Blinds.

  • Great for light sleepers
  • Reflects outside heat, keeping your room cool
  • External noises are damped with blackout’s thicker linings
  • Added thermal insulation defends against the chills of winter

We provide a service to install Child Safety equipment to all of our blinds, blackout blinds being one of them. Head over to our Child Safety page to find out more.

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