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Cassetted Blinds

Cassette Blinds are perfectly measured blinds fixed into the windows recess perimeter, giving you a complete barrier to all light entering your room. 

Our cassette blinds are perfect for all rooms. They take up very little space and there’s a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. Many choose our blackout fabrics, perfect for bedrooms, making it difficult for light to enter the room.

Once you have selected a fabric from our wide range, our installation team will measure the window you’d like the blind fitted to, making sure your made-to-measure blind fits correctly.


Listed below are the benefits of the cassette blind.

  • They take up very little space
  • Provide excellent privacy when it comes to sensitive rooms (bathrooms and bedrooms)
  • Variety of fabrics to achieve an objective (light control)
  • Classic or modern fabrics to choose from

We offer child safety features with all our blinds, including the Cassette Blinds. Head over to our Child Safety page to find out more.

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Black and white print blinds covering large window frame in living room space


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