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Child Safety

Child Safety is a top priority for us. Making sure we use the correct materials for homes that are child friendly when there’s children present. There are a variety of alternate blinds we can install that are different and safer than your standard blind. 

Once the child safety features have been installed, we will walk you through the process of how they work and operate. We will show you where on the blind you can find the safety warnings and product instructions, just incase you need reminding one day. We recommend you familiarise yourself with these features to ensure your children are safe at all times.

The LiteRise blind is a unique cordless blind system that allows you to adjust the height of the blind with one hand. By gently pulling down or lifting it from the bottom, you can adjust to your desired height. Making this perfect for a childs bedroom because there will be no wires or cords for them to pull on.

Another child safe blind we can install is the SmartCord blind. This blind has a unique lifting system that offers precise control with no cord dangling freely. The retractable pull cord can be located to the left or right of the blind and maintains its length at all times.

We’d also like to share some guidlines and advice to you to keep your children safe if you choose to not have these type of blinds.

  • Safety devices for preventing cords and chains from creating a hazardous loop
  • Safety warnings and product instructions
  • Keep cords out of reach of young children
  • Move bed, cots and furniture away from window covering cords
  • Do not tie cords together
  • The testing of all safety critical components of internal window blinds

If you already have blinds fitted, then our team can also upgrade them with devices to make them more child friendly. Contact us today to find out more!


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